Lakokine, a unique laptop just a click away is one of the very first personalization sites for smartphones and touch pads. Today, more than 75,000 customers have already used our services to revamp their smartphone or iPad ... More than 130,000 custom cases have been manufactured in a few years.

Do you have an iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or iPhone 5? Or have you been seduced by an Android model from the formidable competitor of the apple brand, I of course named Samsung? (Galaxy S20, S10,S9, S8, S7, S6, S5, A20 and so on ...). Do you think a smartphone should be smart in every way? It's time to test the customization service. offers a variety of coverings for your pocket companion: shells with printed or plain edges, fabric or leather cases (vertical or horizontal flap), shock-proof silicone shells ... The shelves have the same wardrobe available: side or full shells and protective covers in fabric or leather for iPads and soon other tablet references.

Big news: you can now concoct your smartphone protection with .... your smartphone! And yes, the customization module has been completely redesigned and is fully responsive. You can therefore directly upload your photos from the iOS or Android photo application. Note: you can also automatically retrieve photos from your facebook or instagram account. Once your images have been chosen, it's up to you to add your creativity: adding a design background, fun typographies, smileys or accessories, resizing and rotating in all directions ... No need to be an expert to make a phone protection both creative and unique! is of course committed to the quality of its customizable products by always offering the same high definition printing quality and a brilliant gloss varnish finish. Do you want to offer a personalized case as a gift (Valentine's Day, birthday, birth, etc.)? It is time !

The leather case

The must have for personalization. With its double valve, double the surface to be customized! And you might as well say that you have room to express yourself: the new smartphones (iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XR) are getting bigger. To fill this space, you have the choice: a panoramic photo will be of the most beautiful effect, or play heads or tails and choose 2 beautiful photos. Its advantages ? Unrivaled print quality on leather, flawless protection of your iPhone on the front, back and sides. Of course, to offer you the diva of protections in your image, you have to put the price: 29.90 euros, but the result will be up to your expectations. Note: these leather cases are also available for iPad, an interesting alternative to the personalized cover also offered by